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Our main objective as a company is to guarantee the satisfaction of all our clients, and we guarantee that each one of their projects will be carried out with a high degree of professionalism, experience and honesty.

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 What you need from your home also changes over time. The house of your dreams was perfectly adapted to your needs more than 18 years ago, now the changing living conditions and ravages of time are opening holes in the dream.

Talk to a contractor who is skilled in residential Renewal before considering moving to a new home. Adapting your existing home to meet your needs is often a better option.

A call does it all. Riveras Painting / a Veteran's Company offers residential and commercial property maintenance services, remodeling, repair and renovation services can help save time from first phone call to project completion.


Riveras Painting / Veteran owned. offers a long list of commercial maintenance services that are sure to improve the status of any commercial property. No matter how big or small, we can handle virtually any type of commercial service contract and work hard to get over what is expected of us.

Our work ethic, attention to detail, reliability and years of experience make Riveras Painting / Veteran owned. an obvious choice when it comes to commercial property maintenance services.

Riveras Painting / Veteran owned.

About Us

Riveras Painting / Veteran owned.  includes the headaches, problems and unexpected costs of renovating your home. That's why we take action from the initial visit to make our customer's remodeling experience as smooth as possible. Our experienced team of professionals know how to create and build a design that fits your budget.
At Riveras Painting / Veteran owned.  we'll handle everything from the first click of the conceptual design to the installation of the latest piece of cabinet hardware in your new kitchen, or additional room.

Why Choose Riveras Painting / Veteran owned?

Renewing every corner of your home or business
We Have more than 20 years of experience in commercial and residential paint services throughout Las Cruces, NM, with a coverage of 300 miles around.

If you would like to be helped with your next project, you can call us today to make an appointment and we will provide you with a quote at no cost to you.

Our Founding values are:
-Responsibility, Professionalism, Trust, Experience, Integrity,Teamwork

Riveras Painting / Veteran owned.


Riveras Painting / Veteran owned. offers a variety of services to transform and restore the beauty of your home or office. However, a new coat of paint provides a fresh, clean look; It Is important to make sure that all surfaces are well prepared. This preparation will ensure that the time spent choosing that perfect color will attract the attention of all who see it.


Painting Interior

When it comes to painting the interiors of your home, you need professional results. Whether It's a complete remodeling of the house or a new accent wall, your home deserves a high quality service and impeccable finish.

Painting Exterior

It offers professional interior and outdoor home painting services in areas of Las Cruces, NM.

We pride ourselves on our quality painting services and the high reviews of our customers.

Painting Metal Corrals 

When it comes to increasing your exterior appeal, there's no easier way to do it than painting your fence. Not only does it instantly update the look of your home, but it can also help extend the lifespan of your fence.

Our Work

Our trusted and insured operators can help you with any paint renovations from your home with Riveras Painting / Veteran owns. you have the knowledge and experience you need.

Riveras Painting / Veteran owned.



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